Jurianne Matter Rejse sailing light boats


An enchanting spectacle, a design by Jurianne Matter: small white wish boats with a light in them that find their way on the dark water. They take your wishes and thoughts with you on the stream.

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Product information

A few sets of floating light boats make the pond a fairytale during a garden party. In addition, they are valuable gifts during the big and small milestones in life.

You can write a wish / text along the railing and after a few minutes you fold the wish boat and the cabin. Because they are initially flat, these boats form an ideal letterbox present (A4 envelope)

If you can not fish them out of the water afterwards: the wish boats will be completely degraded in nature within 6 months. For comparison: ordinary balloons take over 20 years!

We advise to use tea lights from beeswax without aluminum cups.

There are 3 wish boats, with cabins and a clear instruction in 1 package.

Dimensions Jurianne Matter wish boat:

unfolded 24.5 cm x 15.5 cm
folded 18 cm x 10 cm

Jurianne Matter

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Jurianne Matter Rejse sailing light boats
Jurianne Matter Rejse sailing light boats

Jurianne Matter Rejse sailing light boats