Metalbird Window sticker Owl


How sad, those birds that suddenly fly against the window suspiciously. It happens quite often, we have stickers that ensure that the birds see the window. Stick them on the outside of your window so that birds have a safe flight !!

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Metalbird Window Stickers Owl



Do you recognize this? You are reading and suddenly you hear a muffled bang. Then it turns out that a bird has flew against the window. That happens quite often. Birds have trouble recognizing a window. They don't see the glass and think they can fly through it. Poor birds.

Fortunately, you can do something about it. Window stickers help! Anything that you stick to the window on the outside ensures that birds do see the window.


Size: A4 21 x 29.7 cm

Material: Car wrap film. Weather and UV resistant



Follow these instructions to apply your window tattoos as tightly as possible.

  1. Choose a place on the window where you want to apply the tattoo.
  2. Make sure the window is not too cold and dry.
  3. Place the sticker on a smooth surface with the paper facing up.
  4. Press the sticker firmly.
  5. Stick the sticker with the paper side to the window where you want it and secure with two pieces of tape.
  6. Flip the sticker over and slowly peel off the paper.
  7. Rub the sticker firmly on the glass with, for example, a bank card.
  8. Carefully remove the plastic.

And that's it. Enjoy the view.


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Metalbird Window sticker Owl
Metalbird Window sticker Owl

Metalbird Window sticker Owl


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