Engelpunt at BijzonderMOOI*

Engelpunt was founded by Sabien Engelenburg. In her work as a pedagogue and as a mother she has been inspired by children and the many colors around her all her life. She wanted to give her daughter a memory for life for her birthday. She went to work with the green sewing machine and a suitcase full of colorfully colored patches left by her grandmother. This became the first pendulum and was also the beginning of Engelpunt.

With its products Engelpunt wants to contribute to the rituals and beautiful things of this life. In this respect, they think it is important that they are functional and have a sustainable character.

Meanwhile, Sabien has collected a number of great designers around her from Engelpunt who think and design with her.

"Life is a celebration but you have to hang up the garlands yourself!" Reve