Roosmarijn Knijnenburg at BijzonderMOOI *

After her training as interior advisor, Roosmarijn Knijnenburg started a study for all-round stylists in Amsterdam. For her to start was in any case high on her list and with great pleasure she now works on her own products! The work of Roosmarijn Knijnenburg is characterized by the different subtle details, simple and modern forms. The subject is central, without being distracted. This idea also forms the basis of the project squarebirds, consisting of a collection of different birds. The squarebirds stand out immediately by the white backgrounds with the tight cube and the colorful detailed feathers of the birds. Each copy is worked out on the computer and consists of all small drawings. Each bird has its own character and the small details invite you to put your eyes to work. The posters and different formats of cards are printed on uncoated matte paper, with a signature (a relief print in the paper). The birds are a real eyecather and hold your interest by discovering smaller details. Besides the birds there is also the series Hold it's. Consisting of all different handmade beech card holders, standing and on the wall. To give your card, artwork, or photo a nice place.