We love designers and their designs. On the stories with which they have shaped their idea. That is why BijzonderMOOI* tells you these stories. So you know which design suits you. With us you will find Dutch design: affordable, recognizable, original and daily to use.

And we have been doing that for a while because you have been able to contact us since 2006. With a penchant for beautiful designs. With BijzonderMOOI* we want to show these designs to a large audience and sell them. BijzonderMOOI* is now an established name and has grown from a sole proprietorship to a full team that works hard for you every day.

The team of BijzonderMOOI* is fully aware of the latest trends, latest interior magazines and high-profile blogs. We find it important to develop and explore opportunities on the market. With us you will find the newest first. Because we use our ears and eyes. And do not forget to have a very good relationship with the designers. Together with them, that is our starting point.

Besides new talent, we also have products from established names in our collection. It gives you the chance to mix it and thus develop a unique style. Because you make your own story. And that is possible at any time of the day. Because we are 24/7 BijzonderMOOI*


A lot of shop pleasure!