At Vivid, every candle is unique and hand-dipped, giving it a traditional look. It is therefore not a standard candle: each design surprises you with its beautiful colors and unique print. The collection includes a variety of fresh, sparkling and chic candles, and you always have a choice of various sizes and colors.

About Vivid

In 2020, Vivid started making and creating beautiful and unique products that are a colorful addition to any home. Due to high demand and rapid growth, they are now available in more than 1,500 stores, including BijzonderMOOI*. The designs are not only popular in the Netherlands and other European countries, but even in much of the US. All products are handmade (so not one is identical) from 100% vegetable Stearine, which means that the candles smoke less, become stronger, burn cleaner, more beautiful and neater, drip less and the depth of the colors become more intense.