Studio ROOF Ankyl Dino


No other group of animals attracts as much attention as dinosaurs: strong, impressive and dangerous. This herbivorous Ankyl Dino could grow up to 6 to 8 meters long, very impressive but so much fun to play with!

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Product information

Studio Roof Ankyl Dino

This dino takes you into your own made-up stories, he gallops through your fantasy and provides an exciting adventure. Uncontrollable and full of power, a magical animal to love with all your heart.

Mythical figures from days gone by and unforgettable legends come to life in cardboard. Assemble the Dino and act out your own story.


  • Product information:

    • 3D object to build, comes flat
    • Made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks
    • Dimensions as built: 20.3×4.4×12 cm / 8 x1.7×4.7
    • 2 x B6 sheet with 19 pieces to take out and assemble
    • Manual on the inside of the package.
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Studio ROOF Ankyl Dino
Studio ROOF Ankyl Dino

Studio ROOF Ankyl Dino