Clayre & Eef Apron Butterflies


Delicious, cooking together with your child. The picture is complete with this apron, which is available for both children and adults. The print immediately makes you think of summer with the sun, colorful flowers and perhaps also these butterflies.

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Product information

Apron Butterflies Clayre & Eef

With this apron full of colorful butterflies in all shapes and sizes, cooking becomes a real party. If you want to cook with your (grand)children, nephew, niece, girl next door or anyone else, we also have this series for children! All Clayre & Eef products are made of sturdy quality cotton!


Format: 70*85cm
Colour: off white - pink
Material: 100% cotton


Cooking apron BBQ Apron Cooking apron

Washing instructions

Always refer to the washing label attached to the product before washing. To guarantee the quality of Clayre & Eef textiles, we recommend the following washing instructions:

Wash the textiles during the first wash at max. 30°C. Add a splash of vinegar to preserve the colors

For all subsequent washes, the textiles may be washed at a maximum of 40°C

Preference is given to air-drying the textile. If you choose to spin, do this preferably at the lowest setting.

It is not recommended to tumble dry the textiles

Do not soak the textile

A shrinkage of 10% is considered acceptable.

Quality mark

All Clayre & Eef textiles are woven by hand and made with care. Irregularities in the material are characteristics of the production method.
Clayre & Eef

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Clayre & Eef Apron Butterflies
Clayre & Eef Apron Butterflies

Clayre & Eef Apron Butterflies