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Divorce chat is specially made for children (6 to 12 years old) of divorced parents. It is a fill-in book that helps to start the conversation and invites children to express their feelings. -

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Divorce talk from Gezinnig


Scheidingklets is a fill-in book for children of divorced parents. A divorce often has a major impact on children and as a parent you want to guide your child as well as possible. However, children do not always dare to say or ask everything and parents are sometimes reluctant because they do not want to burden their child too much. Divorce talk helps to discuss difficult topics. By means of serious and surprising questions and assignments, the book invites children to share their feelings and needs.

Fill in a page together: on a fixed day of the week, at a changeover moment or just when there is a need for it. On each left page your child can tell how he or her is doing by means of various questions. On each right-hand page there are various assignments, both emotional and practical matters are discussed. Some examples:

  • Choose a question. Have you ever talked very nicely about the divorce with someone? Do you ever feel jealous when you are with someone whose parents are together? Would you like to ask mom or dad again: Why are you divorced?
  • To work. What do you want to do? Planning a holiday or overcoming an angry mood. Express my concerns or send yourself a card.
  • Agree or disagree. I hate to say what I ate with the other parent. Sometimes I cry when I'm in bed. I've become wiser because of the divorce.
  • Make a list. With things that you no longer want to drag back and forth. With things that can comfort you when you are sad. With things about which you want to participate.
  • Shit about the divorce. No divorce, but a dress-up party, making a song list or a yoga exercise.

Scheidingklets offers tools to start a conversation together. To ask or tell what might be difficult or painful. But also to share what is already going well, and to see together how you can make things better. Throughout the book are “tips for parents” to help parents deal with difficult or sensitive reactions from their child. Of course you cannot solve everything (immediately), know that a listening ear can also be very helpful.


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Gezinnig Divorce law
Gezinnig Divorce law

Gezinnig Divorce law


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