Roosmarijn Knijnenburg Hold Tight, Thank you


Hold tight is a bright spot to send to someone who would like to thank you, because you were assisted in an event, you were helped with a difficult job, you received a nice message or attention or for whatever reason!

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HOLD TIGHT, Roosmarijn Knijnenburg

Besides a nice card, what do you send to someone in difficult times? A little extra light and warmth! For these moments there is the Hold tight. A bright spot to send to someone who could use some extra love. To let them know you're thinking of them.

But also for festive times a little extra love through the letterbox is always welcome! To toast a marriage or let someone know how proud you are of a win.

Or send a light with Love, just like that, to let them know that you appreciate them! Thank a person who means a lot to you with a bright spot.

Thank you always comes in handy!

On the back of the card you will find the text: A bright spot for you! ♡ With some extra love and warmth!

After a burn time of approximately 6 hours, you can put the organic plastic tray in the organic waste. An environmentally friendly alternative to aluminum containers. The wax of the candle is based on 100% rapeseed.

The candle pouch is produced on a fair trade basis. The bag is handmade from fire retardant and biodegradable unbleached paper. Place the tea light in the center or in a tea light holder. Make sure that the bag cannot fall over by weighing the bottom with some sand.

Gift bag of 100% undyed cotton. Reuse the bag to store your most beautiful jewelry, for example, or make a scented bag with dried lavender in it!

CAUTION Never leave the candle burning unattended.


cotton gift bag W 10 cm x H 15 cm / candle bag W 5 cm x H 7 cm + rapeseed tea light

Fits through the letterbox.

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Roosmarijn Knijnenburg Hold Tight, Thank you
Roosmarijn Knijnenburg Hold Tight, Thank you

Roosmarijn Knijnenburg Hold Tight, Thank you