Sjaal met Verhaal Hyacinth Pink


When we think of spring, we often think of colourful, fragrant flowers such as daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths. These hyacinths do not smell, but they are certainly colorful. Nice additional advantage; these are beautiful!! Made of wool felt.

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Product information

Hyacinth Pink Sjaal met Verhaal

With the hyacinths of Sjaal met Verhaal you bring a piece of spring into your home. Whether you place it alone, with a few together or mixed in a vase, it's all possible! There is an iron wire in the stem so that you can shape the flower as desired. Did you know that the Hyacinth is available in several colours? Tulips, gerberas and craspedias are also available so that you can put together your own favorite bouquet.

All products of Sjaal met Verhaal are made in a fairmade and fairtrade way by women from Nepal. This makes them and their families financially independent.

Product information:

Material, wool felt

Size, 40 cm

Quantity: 1 Pieces

Country, Nepal


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Sjaal met Verhaal Hyacinth Pink
Sjaal met Verhaal Hyacinth Pink

Sjaal met Verhaal Hyacinth Pink