Gezinnig Kletspocket with 216 questions and assignments Dutch


Anytime, anywhere, to chat, that's what you do with that nice book of pocketbook of Gezinnig. Put it in your bag, you always have something to chat with you. On the way in the car, train or a nice afternoon with friends.

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A small and tough book with 216 crazy questions and crazy assignments. Put it in your bag, you always have something to chat with you. On the way in the car or train, during a dinner with friends or family, on a terrace in the sun, in a long queue. Or just on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch.

This is how Kletspocket works

  1. Throw three dice.
  2. Place the dice next to each other.
  3. Call the number.
  4. Find the page number.
  5. Answer the question or carry out the assignment.

Do you only have one die? Throw three times and remember your first and second throw.
No dice? Close your eyes. Scroll through the book. Point - still with your eyes closed - a page.

A number of questions and assignments

  • Do you remember where you pasted your last patch?
  • Imagine. You have to choose a pet, but you will get 100 of it. Which pet do you choose?
  • Challenge. Huppel backwards.
  • Would you let your hands stick together for a full day for 1000 euros?
  • Challenge. Move as many muscles as possible in your face for 10 seconds.
  • Picture the word (walrus). You can not talk. Does it take long to guess? Then give a hint. Hint 1. Call: Animal. Hint 2. Call: Tusks.
  • Choose. Becoming a bachelor of an amusement park, a country or a school. And what is the first decision you take?
  • Tracing. Find something that loves water.
  • Imagine. You have to take a wild animal into your home. Which animal do you choose?

Size of Getsbook:

16 x 11 cm, 224 pages.

Age Gossip Book:



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Gezinnig Kletspocket (NL)

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