Ikonic Toys Lucite Car Small No4 Smoke



This is the Lucite Car Small No4 from Ikonic Toys. A transparent toy car in art-deco style, made from recycled acrylic. The layered design causes color nuances due to the incidence of the light and light source.

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Lucite Cars from Ikonic Toys


IKONIC, a Dutch design label that creates playful design objects, has also had its struggles with the situation surrounding COVID-19 that has arisen in 2020. By processing canceled and deferred orders and stopping shipments from suppliers, the brand was forced to think in a different direction. What could be a solution was to produce locally, preferably without huge pre-production investments.

With that in mind, IKONIC founder Maurice Doorduyn designed the Lucite series; toy cars consisting of a stack of laser-cut acrylic sheets, cut by the local laser service. The inspiration came from early 20th century Art Deco car designs.

The combination of different sheet thicknesses and colors creates a layered design with depth, which changes with the incidence of light and the colors from the environment.

The cars are made to order and are assembled by hand.


Lucite Car Small No4
Version: Smoke
Dimensions: 17 x 3.5 x 3 cm

Exclusive black platform.

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Ikonic Toys Lucite Car Small No4 Smoke
Ikonic Toys Lucite Car Small No4 Smoke

Ikonic Toys Lucite Car Small No4 Smoke

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