Carmela Bogman PaperTree White



PaperTree is an elegant Christmas tree made from recycled cardboard from the Netherlands. The well thought-out folding technique ensures that the tree stands firmly. Decorate the PaperTree to your own taste and give it a nice place at home or at work.

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PaperTree White, Carmela Bogman


You can decorate the PaperTree completely to your taste; round stickers in various colors and sizes have already been added , this is of course also possible with the help of Christmas balls, magnets or pushpins. Are the holidays over? Then PaperTree can be folded in no time, so it takes up little space and can be easily stored. If you need the PaperTree again, the tree will be ready for use again in no time.

PaperTree made of recycled cardboard from the Netherlands, has a height of +/- 75 cm.

WEIGHT 500 g
MEASUREMENTS  800×175×24mm
Carmela Bogman

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Carmela Bogman PaperTree White
Carmela Bogman PaperTree White

Carmela Bogman PaperTree White

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