Gezinnig Slaapklets for toddlers Dutch deel 2


For little ones who can not yet read, there is now Sleepingklets for toddlers 2. A book full of cozy questions and assignments before bedtime.

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Product information

Talk about the day together

Slaapklets for toddlers is a helpful book to conclude the day quietly and comfortably. With the help of pictures and questions, parents and children can go through the day together. What has happened and how did it feel? It offers parents the chance to dive into the experience of their toddler and for children it is nice to have a moment to receive the full attention of mom or dad.

About Slaapklets for preschool children
Each left page contains the same pictures: choose one or more situations and let your child tell you. "Did you dance today? Played outside or done a job? Did you feel happy, or maybe sad or angry? "The right-hand page is always different: a short game, one or two gossip questions and a quiet shut-off, such as mini-massages. With Slaapklets for preschoolers you can chat about the day together, just go crazy, relax and put your child up nicely. Or: Qualitytime before bedtime.

The surprising content was created by educational writer Michal Janssen. The cheerful illustrations are drawn by visual storyteller Sabine Wisman. Slaapklets for toddlers is meant for children aged 4 to 7 years.

'A very nice book with nice games and chat topics. I immediately feel like it. The 'tell about your day' pages are a great way to end the day quietly and comfortably. Really recommended! "- Sara van Gorp, editor-in-chief Kek Mama

Author: Michal Janssen
Illustrator: Sabine Wisman
ISBN: 978-90-823385-0-8
Format: 150 x 210
Binding method: Hardcover
Number of pages: 112


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Gezinnig Slaapklets for toddlers (NL) deel 2
Gezinnig Slaapklets for toddlers (NL) deel 2

Gezinnig Slaapklets for toddlers (NL) deel 2