Jurianne Matter Sverm Birds - Small


This small flock of swallows feels at home in sweet pastel interiors, in minimalist high spaces with earth tones. But because of their basic, quiet light gray color, the birds also fit fantastically well in, for example, a baby's room.

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Jurianne Matter, Sverm Birds - Small

Ready-made wall deco

The birds, made of sturdy cardboard, are pre-punched. You take them out of their packaging and with the included pritt buddies you can easily attach them to the wall. You can remove them just as easily, by the way!

Multiple sets - a bigger swarm

You can see it in the pictures: Jurianne has gone wild with several sets of three birds! Would you also like such a beautiful flock of swallows on your wall? Then combine this SVRM large set with the SVRM small. Then you have six birds in different sizes: the largest with a wingspan of 23.5 cm and the smallest bird 9 cm.

Birds through the letterbox

A set of SVRM large is the size of an A4. This is therefore easy to send as a gift, because it just fits through the letterbox! So a child flies out: send these birds after it. Or do you have a fanatic birdwatcher in the family, send them this flock of swallows they don't need binoculars!

If you want us to pack the set nicely for you right away? Please indicate this under the comment section during the checkout process.


  • A5 set of 3 birds made of hard 2 mm thick cardboard.
  • The set includes a small pack of poster buddies (from Pritt).
  • Wingspan A5: largest bird 16.5 cm, medium 12 cm, small 9 cm


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Jurianne Matter Sverm Birds - Small
Jurianne Matter Sverm Birds - Small

Jurianne Matter Sverm Birds - Small