Metalbird Bird Silhouette Tree Pipit


The tree pipit looks a bit like a sparrow, brown on top, white on the bottom and striped feathers. The tree pipit is an insectivorous songbird, it sings a song that repeats itself. The tree pipit is a good choice for your garden.

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Did you know this about the Metalbird Tree Pipit..

he likes to live on the edge of forests and clearings. Swamps are very popular, but clearcut forest plots and heathlands are also inhabited by tree pipits. Tree pipits often sit in a tree, the song flight of a tree pipit is very characteristic. From a tree, the bird starts to fly up and then lands back into a tree like a parachute with stiff wings and hanging legs. In the middle of the day on a sweltering hot moor, when all the other bird species are keeping their beaks together, the melodious song of tree pipits can still be heard. the tree pipit is definitely a good choice for your garden!

Product information:


  • 16cm high and 33cm wide (including the branch/tip)
  • Easy to assemble with a few taps of the hammer (drill a hole in hard wood first)
  • Made from 3 mm thick, 'weatherproof' Corten steel® for a beautiful patina that changes with the seasons.

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