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The Checkpad is a day planner to relax the morning and evening routines.

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Product information

Get acquainted with the latest invention of Gezinnig: the Checkpad. A day planner for tasks in the morning and evening. The Checkpad makes it easier to carry out daily operations and promotes independence.

Already dressed? Check! Brushed your teeth? Check! Packed your gym bag and combed your hair? Check! The Checkpad is a tool for child and parent to relax the morning and evening routines. From now on, parents no longer have to call 100 times what needs to be done. The Checkpad shows what is expected of a child. That saves time and stress.

Choose, preferably with your child, how many and which magnets you will place on the Checkpad. What daily actions can your child do independently? What does he often forget? With small children you start with less than 8 tasks. The front is meant for the morning and the back is meant for the afternoon / evening. On 54 magnets (of which 4 blank) are clear illustrations of the most common tasks and activities from the morning ritual and the evening ritual. There are two of some magnets, so you can use them in the morning and evening without moving magnets. Every time a task is done, turn the wheel half a turn, from colored (still done) to white (task is done). After the morning tasks you change the entire Checkpad and he is ready for the afternoon / evening.

The Checkpad is intended for one child from 3 years to about 12 years.

1 Checkpad (6 x 20 cm)
54 magnets
manual + legend

Which magnets are there?
1x Morning or stand up
1x Get up or make bed
1x Open curtain or window
1x Turn off light
2x Pajama removal, putting on or storing
2x Under the shower
2x In bath
2x Wash hands or wash face
2x Dress up, undress or dress for tomorrow
1x breakfast
1x Pauzehap / 10 hours to prepare
Prepare 1x Lunch
Prepare 1x Drink
2x Bag packing, unpacking or preparing bag for next day
Brush twice
Do her twice
1x Put on shoes
Put on 1x coat
2x Going to the bathroom
1x Packing bag or take along
2x Read / read aloud
1x Play outside
1x Playing indoors
2x Pet care
Say 1 day
1x Evening or going to bed
Make 1x Homework
1x Practice music
1x Table cover, table cleaning or washing dishes
1x Food
1x Clean up your belongings / toys
1x Wash clothes or clean up clothes
1x Hair wash
1x Put a bicycle in the barn / lock it
1x Coat hanging on coat rack
1x Set the alarm
1x Rest moment (together drink)
1x Screen time or symbol for charging equipment
Say 1x goodnight
4x Blanco (to be used for your own drawing with a cd-marker)


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Gezinnig Checkpad red
Gezinnig Checkpad red

Gezinnig Checkpad red